Twisting your ankle during exercise or a fall can lead to a painful ankle sprain. To ensure the ligaments in your ankle heel properly, C&S Foot and Ankle offers comprehensive care for simple and complex ankle sprains. The team also creates a treatment plan to reduce inflammation and pain, so your ankle can heal efficiently. Call the office in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, to schedule an ankle sprain evaluation or book an appointment online today.

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What is an ankle sprain?

An ankle sprain occurs when you overstretch or tear one or more ligaments that surround your ankle joint. While these ligaments are tough, they can stretch beyond their limits if you step down awkwardly, twist your ankle while playing sports, or exercise on uneven surfaces.

Your risk for an ankle sprain also increases if you wear shoes that don’t fit correctly or if a lack of physical activity causes your ankle to become weak and inflexible.

When should I seek medical attention for an ankle sprain?

Without treatment, an ankle sprain may not heal properly, and you may be at increased risk for arthritis, chronic ankle pain, and ankle joint instability.

The C&S Foot and Ankle team recommends that you schedule a diagnostic evaluation for an ankle sprain soon after an event that causes symptoms that affect your ankle. These symptoms can include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Restricted range of motion

The team completes a physical exam of your ankle and may order an ultrasound or MRI of the joint to identify inflammation or tears in the ligaments. Based on your test results, the foot specialists customize a treatment plan to treat your symptoms and support the full healing of your ligaments.

How is an ankle sprain treated?

Immediately after you experience a fall or other event that causes ankle pain or swelling, you should elevate your leg and apply ice. The C&S Foot and Ankle team also recommends wearing a compression bandage around your ankle to minimize swelling and improve your ankle’s stability.

If you have severe pain from an ankle sprain due to large ligament tears, the team may recommend surgery.

In addition to treating ankle sprains, the providers also offer resources to reduce your risk for additional injuries. They may recommend custom orthotics to better support your foot and stabilize your ankle joint. The team can also show you how to do exercises that target the soft tissues surrounding your ankle joint.

Call C&S Foot and Ankle to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for pain and other symptoms of an ankle sprain, or book an appointment online today.